Tuesday, 1 January 2013

[Cafe] Most Tea & Cafe

The cafe is extremely cute and elegant. The decorations caught my attention with the chalkboards on the walls. Chalks are provided on the desks and customers are free to draw on the chalkboards. The menu does not contain as much varieties but enough to satisfy. Most of the items on the menu are small luxurious desserts (Tiramisu Tart). The wooden tables are like picnic tables and they are really comfortable where six people can fit in one table. The cafe is really spacious with a big open area in the middle. 

Honey Toast - This dessert has recently became famous in Taiwan. It is basically a cube toast where the inside is cut into 9 squares and baked with butter and sugar. The top consists of ice-cream and numerous seasonal fruits. Honey is provided on the side for dipping the toast cubes. The toast was a bit hard and the sides were too thinly sliced. The 9 squares inside were delicious and were really crispy with a heavenly smell.   

Peach Slush Bubble Tea - The peach taste was strong and extremely tasty. The size was huge and 2 people can share one. The tapiocas were a bit overcooked.  

I would revisit the cafe but not often due to its pricing. If you are looking for a comfortable and spacial cafe to chill with friends, Most Tea & Cafe will be a perfect option. 

Overall Rank

Transportation Convenience (☆)
Located on Yonge Street (Finch Station / North York Centre Station). 

Clean Environment (☆)
Really clean but the dust from chalks may be disturbing. 

Service (☆)
Polite waitresses but took some time to get their attention for orders.  

Food Preparation Speed (☆)
Bubble tea was fast but honey toast took some time (around 20 minutes). 

Atmosphere ()
Very welcoming and a great location to hang out with friends and have dates. The chalkboards are a plus.

Pricing ()
Quite pricey according to the portions given.

Revisit Rate (☆)
Food is average but the atmosphere is highly comfortable. Pricing is too high according to portions and varieties. 

Store Info

Address: 5449 Yonge Street ll Toronto ON ll M2N 5S1
Phone: 647-748-7788

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