Tuesday, 9 April 2013

[JAPANESE] Sentouka Ramen

Sentouka Ramen is located around 3 minutes walk from Eaton Centre. It is pretty famous in Japan and they have numerous locations around the world.The restaurant is very modernized and you can see the chefs cooking if you sit at the counter near the front. However, the restaurant is quite small and gets really crowded with long lines during rush hour. A recommendation is to arrive 30 minutes before rush hour (before 5 PM). Their menu includes single bowls and combos. 

Shoyu Ramen - The soup base is made of pork broth and soy sauce. Very tasty and the pork belly was cooked just right. However, the portion was quite small. 

Cold Salad Ramen - There were shrimps, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, and gari (ginger). The sauce had a light soy sauce scent. Very delicious and unique compare to the traditional ramen. 
If you love Japanese ramen, then you must give this location a try. It is very traditional and the menu offers a range of dishes. As I am not a big fan of Japanese Ramen, the Cold Salad Ramen acted as my alternative. I really enjoyed the dish and the shrimps were super fresh. However, if you are only going to order one bowl of ramen, it will be enough for females but not males.  

Overall Rank
Transportation Convenience ()
3 Minutues walk from Dundas Station / Eaton Centre. Very easy to find (row of ramen bowls right inside the window).

Clean Environment (☆)
Very clean but the washroom floor was wet. 

Service (☆)
Waitresses were very friendly but took them awhile to respond due to the busyness. 

Food Preparation Speed (☆)
Orders came fast despite the busyness.

Atmosphere ()
Very warm but too loud with the small space. 

Pricing ()
A bit too pricey compare to the portions given.

Revisit Rate (☆)
Food is delicious and well-cooked. The atmosphere was really warming and friendly.

Store Info

Address: 91 Dundas Street East ll Toronto ON ll M5B 2C8 
Phone: 647-748-1717
Website: http://www.santouka.co.jp/en/
Hours:  Mon-Wed 11:30 am to 8:00 pm 
           Thurs-Fri 11:30 am to 11:00 pm  
           Sat 12:00 pm to 11:00 pm

+ Arrive before rush hour 
+ Cold Salad Ramen is 1.5 times more the noodles than normal bowls 

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