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[Cafe] Butter Avenue

Butter Avenue is known for their delicious Macarons and small desserts.
Their desserts are very luxurious and service is exceptional. 
Butter Avenue is located between York Mills Station and Lawrence Station. 
The exterior is simple and cute with a Macaron decorated tree. 
Inside is very spacious with tables and display fridge for the Macarons and desserts. 

Butter Avenue sells:

  • Specialty Breads (Croissant / Pain Au Chocolate / Danish)
  • Dessert (Entremet / Tart / Cup Dessert)
  • Small Treats (Cookie / Pound Cake)
  • Chocolates 
  • Specialty Tea / Coffee
They also have Afternoon Tea sets:

  • Lumière Set ($29.50)
  • De Luxe Set ($45.00)
Each of the sets includes amuse-bouche (finger food) + Macaron + Mini Tarts & Cakes + Tea or Coffee.
The only difference between the two sets is that the De Luxe Set includes 3 Macaron and comes with a specialty drink. (See picture for menu).

I ordered the Lumière Set & I got to pick the Macaron flavour + Tea or Coffee. 
The rest were based on the availability of desserts that day. 

The waiter brought us the menu and samples of teas for mus to choose. 
I picked Roasted Almond and my friend picked Magic Moon
When the teas came, they were placed in a cute duck shape box. 

Roasted Almond - Contains apple slices, beetroot and sweet, roasted, caramelized almonds. The sweetest and smell was delicious and heavenly.
Magic Moon - Blend of black and green tea with sweet papaya and rose peels with fruits.
We were allowed unlimited refills and the scents from both teas were unforgettable. 
The waiter returned with forks and knifes with high-quality thick napkins for the finger foods. 
The specialty of that day was Smoked Salmon Croissant & Bacon Egg Tarts

Smoked Salmon Croissant - Crust is very crispy and the smoked salmon has a very strong taste. Very delicious and favourable.
Bacon Egg Tart - It tastes like a cupcake but the smell of egg is very strong. However, it was a bit dry. 
Following the finger foods, we waited quite awhile for the mini tarts and cakes to come. 
It came on a pretty wooden plate and there were 3 tarts and 3 cakes. 

The waitress explained the uniqueness of each tart and cake to us and its own special name. 

Coffee Tart - The cream has a very strong coffee flavour and the bottom is a small cookie. The  golden ball on top is a dark chocolate. The cream is extremely delicious but overall does not leave a strong image.
Blueberry Citrus Tart - The cream is very unique and delicious. There is a mango taste and fruity scent to it. This was my favourite out of all the tarts and cakes.  
Caramel Tart - The top is a very sweet and creamy caramel cream. The cookie is chocolate flavour and the combination matches extremely well. 
Strawberry Mousse Cake - The strawberry scent is very heavenly but does not have as much uniqueness. 
Note - I forgot to take a picture of the 5th cake. It was a Matcha Cake. The texture was a bit hard (not really like cake) and the taste of Matcha was not as strong. 

Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake - The chocolate layer on top is very smooth and the most unique part about this cake is the bottom. The bottom layer is moist and crispy. Very delicious. 
Overall, the mini tarts & cakes were extremely delicious and each has a special scent and feature to it. 
Finally, the Macaron came. We picked Seasalt Caramel
Seasalt Caramel - The outside is very crispy and inside is very moist and soft. However, it did not have a seasalt taste but mostly caramel. 

The Afternoon Tea set is great for gatherings and though it is a bit pricey, it is definitely worth a try. 
Everything was delicious and the teas were very unique. 
Before leaving, I also got 6 Macarons ($13.50 + Tax). 

Chestnut Matcha / White Chocolate Strawberry / Seasalt Caramel / Earl Grey / Matcha / Raspberry
White Chocolate Strawberry - VERY DELICIOUS. The white chocolate is very strong and the combination with strawberry is perfect. 

Overall Rank

Transportation Convenience (☆)
- Located on Yonge Street between York Mills Station & Lawrence Station
- There is bus from both stations but walking takes around 15 minutes from Lawrence Station

Clean Environment (☆)
- Clean but the exterior needs to be painted again (paint was falling off) 

Service (☆)
- Waiter extremely polite and continuously comes to ask for water refill

Food Preparation Speed (☆)
- The mini tarts and cakes took a long time to be served to us 

Atmosphere ()
- Very welcoming and a great location to hang with friends and have dates
- Calming and relaxing

Pricing ()
- Too pricey and small portions 

Revisit Rate (☆)
- Food is delicious but too pricey
- Afternoon set is a great option when visiting

Store Info
Address: 3467 Yonge Street / Toronto ON / M4N 2N3 
Phone: 647-341-8686
Hours: Tues-Thu 11:00 am to 08:00 pm Fri-Sat 11:00 am to 10:00 pm  Sun 11:00 am to 07:00 pm

+ Must make reservations for Afternoon Tea Sets (
+ Not open on Mondays

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